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The little prince this book is the French written by Antoine DE saint-exupery, Antoine

DE saint-exupery wrote the little prince was published in 1943。


the story is mainly about living on a distant planet as the little prince, he live together

with flowers, love, tolerance, ups and downs in his heart, so, he left his own planet

in sorrow, left his beloved roses.


Little prince traveled many planet, there lived with control of the

king, drunkard, mercenary businessman self-righteous conflict, loyal to their duties of

the lamp, and dogmatism geologist... The little prince more sadness - he did

not understand them all in the pursuit of what?


Right? Vanity? Interest? The rigidity of knowledge? Finally the little prince to the

earth, the little prince understand his own love, have their own roses,have their own world.


In order to go back to see the rose, the little prince dropped his own body, returned to

his planet, to protect their love - the rose...


I like this book very much. Reading this book, I learned a lot of human reason, also

know that adults will do the wrong thing. So our children will always remain in the

growth of into a pure heart, to find what we are really looking for!




The final goodbye to my very pity, the little prince want to can have a more magicalmagic to keep his body, more to retain his soul, so the fox and the pilot would not bethinking of the wheat color with golden hair.But I knew it was impossible, because on the other star, the only rose in his heart was theone that lived in the star called b-612.




When I saw the second time, I noticed a sentence in the book, "all adults were children." Iseem to understand that this book is written for us who used to be children. So, I try to readthis book from the perspective of the child - the mind, not the brain.Then, sure enough, I saw a lot of interesting things. At first reading this book, I feel a lttleconfused.

It doesn't seem to know what the author is trying to say. A few times later, Igradually realized that the book was always in a clear line. That's "taming" -buildingrelationships. There is a second thread: it's a question of what is important.





Just received the "ittle prince" hardback edition. He began to look.Children of the world is like that, how much they think things, that the matter how, eventhe adults look very trivial things, even adults think it makes no sense, but the child will think,"just because I spent time on my roses, this makes her become so valuable.'

This is the child, I think children and adults are completely different, standing in the adultworld to see children, that is prejudice, standing in the children's world to see adults, that is confused. If you can, be a child, not an adult.





In my eyes, the lttle prince is not a pure fairy tale, but a metaphysical primer. The wordsare simple, but profound meaning, each chapter a few words of white space, such as spring, always can feel more meaning in the text, just touched but couldn't say for sure what it is, oris said a lot but still feel express.

Demonstrate a variety of life in the book, all kinds of human nature, all kinds ofinteraction, all kinds of relations, all kinds of values, all kinds of cognition, and it is preciselythis all sorts of all sorts of everyone in the life experience, and everyone has to face theproblem: death. To understand: life is not the same as death.

The lttle prince is a book full ofbeauty and philosophy!






 《小王子》英语读后感 篇1

The Little Prince is a tale for both children and adults. The Little Prince is the story of a man who crashes his airplane into the desert only to meet a traveling boy from a small planet. The boy inquires about trees and sheep, shares his journeys and various encounters, and then leaves. Yet, reading between the lines, the story offers a much more complex, eiching, satisfying and eye-opening moral: what matters in life is love - and caring about someone or something and maintaining that relationship. The prince loves his rose enough to care for it every night by protecting it with a glass globe and requesting a muzzle for his sheep. He knows that the rose is naive with only four purposeless thorns and, out of his loyalty to her, it is his duty to protect her. Likewise, the narrator loves the prince and feels an obligation to secure his safe journey home.

I read this book as a child and was infected with a sense of awe and a newfound respect for the written word and its power to touch, heal and change perception. For myself, it accomplished two things; it instilled in me a desire to one day

become a writer and touch others with my words and like the narrator of the story, and Antoine De Saint-Exupery (whose own plane crash is said to have been the basis for the tale) it instilled within me a hope that one day the Little Prince will return and someone will let me know.

What is the meaning of this tale? Easily saying is that the tale talk about many normal things like morals and principles and values from two different but successive way as children and adults. As the narrator said you can only catch adults’ attention by describing the price of something or saying the number of something. It’s hard to make adults feel lovely by the children’s beautiful describing. That is the reason why many adults believe this tale is a tale for adults.

Being insincere and utilitarian, adults consider useful and kids think sinful. Free spirit and free heart, adults consider absurd and children believe necessary. The amazing point is that these two different beliefs are held by one species--Human. When we were young, we could see anything God want us to see. But after decades, what we could see was only something we need to see.

There are so many good things for children and their imagination. And there are not so many things for adults and their reality.

《小王子》英语读后感 篇2

The Little Prince is a clear book, as clear as the water. It’s writes for adults, teenagers and children. It is a book about life and the lives of the fable. As the book said, the water on the heart is beneficial. And Little Prince can make people feel warm and fresh.

The story is about a boy. He lives on a small planet. He is the only person of the planet. He is a lonely prince. Fortunately, a beautiful rose came in his life. They loved each other. But a little argument separated them. He left the planet which he lives, starts traveling. He went to many planets and met many different people. He likes to watch the sunset when he was sad. He found that people wanted happiness, but always pushed away happiness rudely.

At last, he understood how to love each other. Love and life is a very

important thing. He is very regret. He wanted to return to the planet which he lives. But he didn’t know the road. He chose to drank snake venom end his life because he thought it will be able to cast off his bulky body to go back.

Every time, when I read The Little Prince, I always moved about it. In real life, we often busy in the whole day, such as a fly without soul. The passage of time, childhood away, we grew up and took away a lot of memories, but we also have an oasis in the heart.

Because ‘The Little Prince’ story, we live in quiet, the heart has a hope and love, have touched on the responsibility of the life.


范文:"Little Prince" is the central figure of the whole story. He carries the author's desire to return to the pure world and shoulders the mission of exploring the true meaning of life.

He represents the pure and flawless spiritual world of children, and explores the truth and warmth of the world with children's eyes.

In his eyes, the relationship between people, people and things, things and things is direct and natural, and has not been infected by modern civilization and the utilitarian thought of the adult world.





I read the book "the little prince". The little prince in the book is a clever and clever boy.

His head is a planet, with only two active volcanoes and a dead volcano, and a beautiful flower.

The little prince loved the flower so much that he was afraid that it was eaten by sheep and wild animals, so he put a glass cover on it every day.

One day, the little prince forgot to cover the glass, and the distinctive flower was eaten by the sheep. The little prince was very sad, because no one was talking to him.

He was bored, so he went to chat with the merchant, who had no time at all. He was always making money in the morning.

The little prince had to go to earth to see, when the earth was still a desert, and there was an airplane pilot who had lost his plane to the desert.

The little five had just met him, and they chatted about it.

They talked while they walked, but they could not reach the end of the desert. Suddenly, the little prince woke up.

It was a dream. I think the little prince is very lonely. I really want a friend to accompany him and chat with him. I think Im much happier than the little prince.

I have father, mother, grandpa and grandma at home. I have many classmates in school.

When I finished my homework, I still had a lot of friends to play CARDS, football, table tennis and so on.









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