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在近几年的各地中考试卷中, 句子 翻译成为占分较多、许多学生颇感头痛的极其重要的一个新题型。下面是我带来的英语高中翻译句子,欢迎阅读!


During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说话,就被听众打断了

surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有选择,只能投降)

The concerned mother thrilled at the news of his son’s having been admitted to the university(她的儿子被大学入取了)

The lecture was so boring that the students couldn’t help yawning(学生忍不住打起哈欠)

I‘ll be very grateful if you could be kind enough to give me a ride to school(好心载我一程去学校)

(除非你和 保险 公司签订了货物保险合同)Unleyou sign a contract with the insurance company for your goods, you are not entitled to a repayment for the goods damaged in delivery.

It is reported that local health organization was established 25 years ago(据说当地的卫生组织25年前就成立了)when Dr.Mark became its first president.

Mrs.Smith shut the window lest the noise outside (should) interfere with her son’s sleep(外面的噪声会影响她儿子睡觉)

The new mayor was charged with failure to fulfill his promise to decrease the inflation rate(未能履行他降低通货膨胀率的承诺)

When confronted with such question, my mind goes blank(每当我遇到这类问题,我脑袋一篇空白),and I can hardly remember my won date of birth.

The customer complained that no sooner had he started the computer than it stopped working(他刚启动计算机,它就不运转了)

What upset me was not what he said but the way he said it.(不是他说的话,二十他说话的方式)

This piece of writing is more like a news report than a short story.(与其说是短篇小说,还不如说是新闻报道)

The court ruling deprive him of his political right.(剥夺他的政治权力)

Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, while animal behavior depends mostly on instinct.(然而动物的行为主要依靠本能)。

The growth of part-time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, enables more women to take full advantages of employment of opportunities.(使得更多的妇女能够充分利用就业机会)

The likely reactions of the market needs considering carefully before action are token(在采取行动之前需要认真考虑)

He made such a contribution to the university that they named one of the buildings after him(以他的名字为其中一栋楼命名)

He wasn’t asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, being considering insufficiently popular with all members(因为考虑他无法得到全体成员的欢迎)

Americans eat twice more protein than (两倍多的蛋白质)they actually need every day。

When you speak English, your pronunciation should be correct, otherwise you can’t make yourself understood.(否则人家就听不懂你的意思了)

My little daughter Marry, began to adapt herself to campus life after entering college for three months.(进入大学三个月后开始慢慢适应校园生活)

Many drivers think it necessary that the government should lay down more stricter traffic rules(政府制定更加严格的交通规则)

Depending on what you are looking form you have to judge for yourself, how relevant the material to you(这些材料对你来说有多大相关性)

The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.(等到完成的时候恐怕早就失去了所有价值)

It was imperative that the secretary get these documents prepared before Tuesday.(秘书在周二之前把这些文件准备好)

No matter how frequently performed,(无论多麽频繁的演奏)the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.

To minimize the possibility of theft,(为了最大限度的减少盗窃的发生的可能性), install a good alarm system.

I don’t think it is wise of you to show off your greater knowledge in front of the director.(我认为在把主任面前卖弄你懂得更多知识是不明智的),for it may offend him.

With repeated hacker’s attack on your system, we came to realized the necessity of hiring a computer security expert.(我们正逐渐意识到请一位计算机安全专家的必要性)

Your work is good on the whole, but there is still room for improvement(但是仍然有需要改善的馀地)

The sun gives off light and warmth, which makes it possible for plants to grow(这使得植物生长成为可能)


1. 杰克给了我一个坚定的眼神,这眼神表明他不会改变主意,也不会屈服。

(determined, change one’s mind, give in)

Jack gave me a determined look, which showed me that he would neither change his mind nor give in

2. 约翰,想办法把这房间整理好。(think of, get sth done)

John, think of ways to get this room tidied up.

3. 他不停劝说我,如果我去旅游,让他相陪。(persuade, company)

He kept persuading me to take him for company if I went for a trip.

4. 尽管她并不喜欢画,她却坚持要和我一起去看画展。(be fond of, insist)

Although she was not fond of paintings, she insisted that she (should) go to the exhibition with me.

5. 花了一周时间才把衣物和药品送达灾区。(transport运输)

It took one week to transport the food, clothes and medicine to the disaster-hit area.

6. 我们以为保罗是一个可信赖的人,但实际上他只关心他自己。(reliable, care about)

We thought that Paul was a reliable man, but actually he only cares about himself.

7. 首先想到沿着河流从源头到终点骑车旅游的是你的表姐。(强调句)

It was your cousin who first had the idea to cycle along the river from where it begins to where it ends.

8. 由于他的车损坏了,他获得了1000元的保险费。(insurance)

Because his car was damaged, he received RMB1000 from the insurance company.

9. 我妹妹很固执,她根本听不进别人的意见。(stubborn)

So stubborn is my sister that she won’t listen to any suggestion.

10. 请耐心点。火车十分钟后到。(be doing 表将来)

Please be patient. The train is arriving in ten minutes.


高中英语必修课文翻译 篇1


Which theme park would you like to visit? There are various kinds of theme parks, with a different park for almost everything: food, culture, science, cartoons, movies or history.

Some parks are famous for having the biggest or longest roller coasters, others for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park for you!

The theme park you are probably most familiar with is Disneyland.

It can be found in several parts of the world. It will bring you into a magical world and make your dreams come true, whether traveling through space, visiting a pirate ship or meeting your favourite fairy tale or Disney cartoon character.

As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey Mouse in a parade or on the street.

Of course Disneyland also has many exciting rides, from giant swinging ships to terrifying free-fall drops. With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. If you want to have fun and more than fun, come to Disneyland!

Dollywood, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the southeastern

USA, is one of the most unique theme parks in the world. Dollywood shows and celebrates America's traditional southeastern culture. Although Dollywood has rides, the park's main attraction is its culture. Famous country music groups perform there all year in indoor and outdoor theatres.

People come from all over America to see carpenters and other craftsmen make wood, glass and iron objects in the old-fashioned way. Visit the candy shop to try the same kind of candy that American southerners made 150 years ago, or take a ride on the only steam- engine train still working in the southeast USA. You can even see beautiful bald eagles in the world's largest bald eagle preserve.

And for those who like rides, Dollywood has one of the best old wooden roller coasters, Thunderhead. It is world-famous for having the most length in the smallest space. Come to Dollywood to have fun learning all about America's historical southeastern culture!

If you want to experience the ancient days and great deeds of English knights and ladies, princes and queens, then England's Camelot Park is the place for you. Every area of the park is modelled after life in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In one place, you can watch magic shows with Merlin the Wizard. If you want to see fighting with swords or on horseback, then the jousting area is a good place to visit.

If you do well there, King Arthur may choose you to fight in the big jousting tournament. Do you like animals? Then visit the farm area, and learn how people in ancient England ran their farms and took care of their animals. To enter a world of fantasy about ancient England, come to Camelot Park!













高中英语必修课文翻译 篇2


The skin is an essential part of your body and its largest organ.皮肤是身体必不可少的部分,也是身体的最大器官。You have three layers of skin which act as a barrier against disease, poisons and the sun's harmful rays.皮肤有三层,它们是防病、防毒、抵御太阳有害光线侵害的一道屏障。The functions of your skin are also very complex:皮肤的功能十分复杂。it keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing too much water;皮肤可以保暖或御寒,保持体内水分。it is where you feel cold, heat or pain and it gives you your sense of touch.正是皮肤使你感到冷热、疼痛,它还使你有触觉。So as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned it can be very serious.因此,你可以想象到,如果你的皮肤烧伤了,就可能非常严重。First aid is a very important first step in the treatment of burns.在治疗烧伤的过程中,紧急处理是非常重要的第一步。 Causes of burns烧伤的原因:

You can get burned by a variety of things: hot liquids, steam, fire, radiation (by being close to high heat or fire, etc), the sun, electricity or chemicals.你可能由于各种原因而烧伤:灼热的液体、水蒸气、火、辐射(由于靠近高温或大火)、阳光、电和化学物品。 Types of burns烧伤的种类:

There are three types of burns.烧伤有三类。Burns are called first, second or third degree burns,

depending on which layers of the skin are burned.根据皮肤烧伤的`层次分为一度烧伤、二度烧伤和三度烧伤。

◎ First degree burns: These affect only the top layer of the skin. These burns are not serious and should feel better within a day or two. Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by touching a hot pan, stove or iron for a moment.


◎ Second degree burns These affect both the top and the second layer of the skin. These burns are serious and take a few weeks to heal. Examples include severe sunburn and burns caused by hot liquids.


◎ Third degree burns These affect all three layers of the skin and any tissue and organs under the skin. Examples include burns caused by electric shocks, burning clothes, or severe petrol fires. These burns cause very severe injuries and the victim must go to hospital at once.


Characteristics of burns烧伤的特性: First degree burns一度烧伤:

◎ dry, red and mildly swollen干燥、发红、微肿 ◎ mildly painful微痛

◎ turn white when pressed受压时变白 Second degree burns二度烧伤

◎ rough, red and swollen粗糙、发红、肿胀 ◎ blisters起水泡

◎ watery surface表层渗液 ◎ extremely painful极其疼痛 Third degree burns三度烧伤:

◎ black and white and charred黑、白和焦炭色相间

◎ swollen; often tissue under them can be seen肿胀,可看到皮下组织

◎ little or no pain if nerves are damaged; may be pain around edge of injured area. 若损害了神经,则没有疼痛或轻微疼痛,或者在创面四周有疼感 First aid treatment急救处理:

1 Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to the burn. Take off other clothing and jewellery near the burn.


2 Cool burns immediately with cool but not icy water. It is best to place burns under gently running water for about 10 minutes. (The cool water stops the burning process, prevents the pain becoming unbearable and reduces swelling.) Do not put cold water on third degree burns. 2、马上用凉水给伤口冲凉,但不能用冰水。最好是把烧伤的部位放在慢速流动的自来水下冲洗大约10分钟。(凉水可以阻止烧伤的进程,可以防止无法忍受的疼痛,还可以减轻肿胀程度)。三度烧伤不可用冷水冲。

3 For first degree burns, place cool, clean, wet cloths on them until the pain is not so bad. For second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them back in a basin of cold water, squeezing them out and placing them on the burned area over and over again for about an hour until the pain is not so bad.


4 Dry the burned area gently. Do not rub, as this may break any blisters and the wound may get infected.

4、轻轻地把烧伤面弄干,但不要擦拭,因为这样做可能会擦破水泡,伤口会感染。 5 Cover the burned area with a dry, clean bandage that will not stick to the skin. Hold the bandage in place with tape. Never put butter, oil or ointment on burns as they keep the heat in the wounds and may cause infection.


6 If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. If burns are on the face,

the victim should sit up.


7 If the injuries are second or third degree burns, it is vital to get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.



Seventeen-year-old teenager, John Janson, was honoured at the Lifesaver Awards last night in Rivertown for giving lifesaving first aid on his neighbour after a shocking knife attack.17岁的青年约翰·詹森昨晚在里弗镇的救生员颁奖大会上领奖,因为他在一次骇人听闻的持刀袭击案件发生后,为邻居实施了紧急救援。

John was presented with his award at a ceremony which recognized the bravery of ten people who had saved the life of another.在颁奖大会上,约翰被授予奖赏。大会共表彰了抢救他人生命的十个人的勇敢行为。

John was studying in his room when he heard screaming. (那天)约翰正在房里学习,突然听到一声尖叫,When he and his father rushed outside, a man ran from the scene.他和父亲赶紧冲出去,发现一名男子从现场逃跑,They discovered that Anne Slade, mother of three, had been stabbed repeatedly with a knife.而三个孩子的母亲安·斯莱德被人连捅了数刀。She was lying in her front garden bleeding very heavily.她躺在前花园的地上,流血不止。Her hands had almost been cut off.她的双手几乎被砍断了。

It was John's quick action and knowledge of first aid that saved Ms Slade's life.正是约翰快捷的动作和急救知识救了斯莱德女士的命。He immediately asked a number of nearby people for bandages, but when nobody could put their hands on any, his father got some tea towels and tape from their house.他立即向附近的一些人要绷带,当他们都找不到绷带的时候,他的父亲从屋里拿出一些擦杯盘的布和胶带来。John used these to treat the most severe injuries to Ms Slade's hands.约翰就用这些东西把斯莱德手上最严重的伤口包扎起来。He slowed the bleeding by applying pressure to the wounds until the police and ambulance arrived.他使劲地按住伤口,使血流得慢些,一直等到警察和救护车的到来。


John had taken part in the Young Lifesaver Scheme at his high school.约翰在读高中时就参加了青年救生员组织。When congratulating John, Mr Alan Southerton, Director of the Young Lifesaver Scheme said, is no doubt that John's quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms Slade's life. It shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference.该组织的主任艾伦·萨瑟顿先生在向约翰表示祝贺时说:“毫无疑问,是约翰敏捷的思维和在学校学到的急救技术,挽救了斯莱德女士的生命。这表明懂得急救知识的确能发挥重要作用。”

Before receiving their awards last night, John and the nine other Life Savers attended a special reception yesterday hosted by the Prime Minister.约翰和其他九位救生员在昨晚领奖时,还出席了由首相主持的特殊的招待会。


因为知识,我们进入太空,我们延长了预期寿命。更多的是因为知识,我们超越生死,不再怀疑。下面我给大家分享一些高中英语翻译知识点 总结 大全,希望能够帮助大家,欢迎阅读!






1. 挨家挨户from door to door

例:医生挨家挨户上门巡访,省去了许多老年人去医院的麻烦. (save)

Doctors’ door-to-door visits save many old people’s trouble of going to hospital.

2. 爱不释手

can’t bear standing part with / putting it down / leaving it aside

例:这部有关第一次世界大战的历史小说引人入胜,我简直爱不释手。(so … that)

The historical novel about / describing World War I / the First World War is so attractive that I can’t bear (to do …) / stand parting with it / putting it down (back, aside ) / leaving it aside .

3. 安于现状

be satisfied with reality / present situation


We senior high students should have great ambition and (should) not be satisfied with reality / present situation.

4. 摆脱烦恼

get rid of / to be free from worries


Knowing (that) he is in a bad mood, I suggest his chatting with friends to get rid of / to be free from worries.

5. 彼此埋怨be to blame each other

例:遇到困难的时候,我们需要的不是彼此埋怨,而是相互帮助。(not …but)

When (we are) in difficulty / When we meet with difficulties, what we need is not to blame each other but to help each other.

6. 别无选择have no choice but to do


At that time the taxi driver had no choice but to turn to the tourist / traveler (for help).

7. 不得而知remain unknown


It remains unknown whether Mary will attend the English Evening.

8. 不辞而别 leave without saying good-bye


We were greatly surprised that he has left without saying goodbye.

9. 不可估量beyond measure


Although the efforts made are beyond measure, those remote mountainous cities have been accessible to cars, which makes all the Chinese people / the whole nation feel very proud / full of pride.

10. 不甚感激appreciate it very much

例:如果你一收到消息就能给我答复的话,我将不胜感激。(the moment)

I would appreciate it very much if you could reply to me / give me a reply the moment you receive the message.

11. 不懈努力great effort

例:尽管各国政府已做出了不懈的努力,但要应对日益严重的全球性气候变暖问题还需制定更有效的 措施 。(despite)

Despite the great effort made by governments, more effective measures should be made to deal with the ever worsening problem of global warming.

12. 不假思索 without hesitation


Jim answered his teacher’s question(s) without (any) hesitation. Jim answered the question(s) asked by his teacher with no hesitation.

13. 不尽如人意be far from satisfactory


The economy of this area develops very fast but some citizens’ qualities are far from satisfactory.

14. 不容忽视should not be ignored / neglected


This accident made us realize that safety problems should not be ignored.


(The sense of) Fire protection should not be neglected (We should not neglect fire protection), or great damage might be caused to the lives and property.

15. 不知所措be / feel at a loss

例:网络在我们日常生活中起了举足轻重的作用,以至于当 不能上网 时人们感到无所适从。(loss)

Internet plays such an important role in our daily life that people feel at a loss when they can’t go online / surf the Internet / don’t have access to the Internet.


The fact that consumers have lost confidence in frozen food makes the manufacturers at a loss.

16. 彻夜未眠

didn’t fall asleep last night / be awake all night


Drinking only a cup of coffee will keep me awake all night.

例:昨晚听到他喜欢的 足球 队获胜的消息,他兴奋得彻夜未眠。(too … to …)

Hearing the news that his favorite team won the match, he was too excited to fall asleep last night.

17. 催人泪下people are moved to tears

例:昨晚残疾人的演出非常成功,让观众们感动得流下了眼泪。(so … that…)

The performance put up by the disabled / The disabled people’s performance last night was so successful that many people were moved to tears.

18. 寸步难行can do nothing without

例:电脑已触及到每个人的日常生活,难怪有人说当今世界不懂电脑,就寸步难行。(no wonder)

The computer has touched on everyone’s daily life. No wonder someone says that you can do nothing without the knowledge of computer / its knowledge.

19. 大为惊叹be greatly amazed / impressed

例:这些十八世纪的油画保存得这样好, 使参观者大为惊叹。(so … that)

These eighteenth-century oil paintings have been / are preserved so well that the visitors are greatly amazed / impressed.

20. 放任自流let him be


Parents often faced the choice that either they did what they felt was good for the development of the child or they just let him be.


the more ~ the more~

A good teacher is the one from whom the more we need academically, the more she can supply.


It is ~ that ~

It is not just books that can't be judged by their covers,and so it is with presents.


too ~ to ~

Our boss is too narrow-minded to endure different opinions.


not ~enough to do ~

She is not old enough to make sense of the real meaning of the proverb- Time and tide wait for no man.

她太小,无法理解岁月不等人这句 谚语 的真正含义。

not ~ but ~

A masterpiece is not something that can conform into an expectation but something that has to be an expression from the heart.


rather than

Ducks can swim by instinct rather than intelligence.

鸭会 游泳 ,不是靠聪明,而是靠本能。

Not until~

Not until the director persuaded him did he agree to play a role of the doctor.


unless ~

You will have difficulty in understanding the problem unless it is explained and analyzed from the historical perspective.


It has never occurred to/struck me that~

It has never occurred to me that a person who has experienced ups and downs of life should believe such a ridiculous trick.


the moment ~/ the instant ~

The contract will come into effect the instant it is signed.


It won't be long before ~

It won't be long before you know that having a good attitude is half the battle.


once ~

Once promised, he will surely be given a remote-controlled car as a birthday present.


only when ~

Only when the test-oriented education is switched into the quality-oriented education are the chances that the students will develop their versatile abilities.

只有应试 教育 转变成了素质教育,学生们才有可能发展多方面的能力。

so ~ as to do ~

Will you be so kind as to pull me through the difficult time?

你这样善良, 能帮我渡过难关吗?

so ~ that ~

The book is so instructive that it has become a must-read.

So instructive is the book that it has become a must-read.


~ as ~

Lose money as he did, he got a lot of experience, which contributed to his success in life.

虽然他失去了钱,但他得到了许多 经验 ,这促成了他人生的成功。

It must be pointed out that~

It must be pointed out that difficulties can bring out a person's best qualities.

必须指出,困难能显示一个人的最佳素质。(bring out a person's best qualities)

be just about to do ~ when~/ be close to doing ~ when~/ be on the point of doing ~ when~

I was on the point of buying that piano when my wife reminded me that this amount of money was for my son's tuition.

I was close to buying that piano when my wife reminded me that this sum of money was for my son's tuition.

I was just about to buy that piano when my wife reminded me that this sum of money was for my son's tuition.


not so much ~ as ~

It is not so much with their wishes as with their actions that they can shape the future.


prefer to do~ rather than do~

To face whatever you might prefer to hide rather than acknowledge requires courage


more ~ than ~

Being obliged to leave the stage due to his illness, he has an emotion, which is more of regret than attachment.

因病得离开舞台时,他有着一种情感, 这种情感与其说是留恋,还不如说是遗憾。

There is no doing ~

There is no denying that bad things do happen to us sometimes.


It can't be denied that~

It can't be denied that he has a gift for music however lazy he is.


There is no doubt that~

There is no doubt that he will win the election by a large majority


so long as ~/as long as~

However inharmonious they look in other people's eye, they can enjoy life so long as they love each other.


It is no wonder that ~

It is no wonder that children love to visit museums.


It is +adj. +of sb. to do~

It is mean of you to tip so little.


It is +adj./现在分词+for sb. to do~

As a doctor, it is necessary for you to pay a regular visit to your patients, assuring them that your attention is still focused on them.


There is no use/point (in) doing~ / It's no good/use doing~

It's no good helping him since he doesn't help himself.

There is no use helping him now that he doesn't help himself.


Not only ~ but also ~

Not only can knowledge help you conquer fear but also it can bring you real power.


It must be admitted that ~

It must be admitted that online study is another effective way of self-improvement.

必须承认网上学习是另一种自我完善的有效 方法 。

in spite of the fact that

In spite of the fact that the old man doesn't know much, he is warm-hearted and friendly.





建议先掌握高中英语词汇(包括音标、近 反义词 、单词用法等),同时学习语法(包括语态、语句和语词等);在此基础上,先针对词汇和语法的考察做专项练习。等到前2步完成之后,最后开始全方位的训练,在此过程中依然要狠抓每一个知识点。















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Senior High School(中国的高中),High School(一般英文国家的高中)。高三也可以说final year of senior high,senior year(一般在美国适用,高中最后一年)。

Senior 的词性:

adj. 长辈的;(父子同名时,加在父亲的名字前)老,大。

n. (美)西尼尔(人名)。

Senior 的短语:

Senior Lecturer 高级讲师 ; 资深讲师 ; 初级讲师 ; 讲师。

senior counsel 资深大律师 ; 高级法律顾问。

senior accountant 高级会计 ; [会计] 高级会计师 ; 资深会计。

Senior Engineer [劳经] 高级工程师 ; 工程师 ; 高级实验师 ; 资深工程师。

Senior Employee 高级雇员 ; 初级雇员 ; 高等雇员 ; 资深员工。

Senior Colonel 大校。



关于鼓励的励志话 鼓励的话总是给人带来很多的正能量,一起来看看吧。下面是我给大家整理的关于鼓励的励志话,供大家参阅! 关于鼓励...

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遵义医学院改名遵义医科大学 1、年12月,教育部同意遵义医学院改名遵义医科大学。2、遵义医科大学更名时间为:2018年12月。20...

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